General Conditions



Quimera Experience is an ecotourism company, registered in the National Register of Touristic Animation Agents (RNAAT) with the  registration no. 628/2015 whose activities are recognized by ICNF as nature tourism.

Before you enroll in any activity from Quimera Experience, please read our general conditions. By signing up on our activities you are consenting to the conditions set forth herein. We also recommend that you read the specific conditions of each activity.



1. Insurance


All participants of the activities carried out by Quimera Experience are covered by personal accident insurance - Policy No. 203 925 152 Insurance Company Allianz Portugal, SA, with an insurance excess of 60,00€. The professional activities of the company are covered by liability insurance - Policy No. 203 395 625 the Insurance Company Allianz Portugal, SA.


2. Bookings and means of payment


 - Bookings are made through e-mail (, telephone or via the online form.

 - After making the booking the customer shall pay the full price of the activity by bank transfer.


NIB: 0035 0384 00018315 730 04

IBAN: PT50 0035 0384 00018315 730 04 



 - The customer must present to Quimera Experience the respective proof of payment.

 - Bookings are only considered valid after Quiimera Experience have received the proof of payment and confirmed the same via email.

 - Reservations must be made with a minimum of five days before the activity.



3. Cancellations and Refunds


If the client wishes to give up the activity, he must notify Quimera Experience with at least 48 hours before the activity, in order to be reimbursed the amount paid. After this time, Quimera Experience does not reimburse the amount the customer pays.

If, for climatic reasons or other reasons beyond our control, Quimera Experience have to cancel or postpone an activity, we will notify the client as soon as possible and submit an alternative date. The customer can also opt for a full refund of the amount paid.

If the client fails to appear at the place and day and time scheduled for the beginning of the activity will not be refunded the amount paid. The beginning of the activities schedule must be respected and there is a tolerance of 15 minutes in case of customer delay.

Quimera Experience will not hold an activity if:


 - The minimum participants for each activity is not present.

 - The weather conditions are not conducive to the realization of it.

 - Are not met the security conditions that we consider necessary to conduct the activity.




4. Client's responsability



The customer is responsible for:


 - Bring comfortable clothing suitable to the season, tennis or hiking boots, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

 - Inform Quimera Experience of any health problems, allergies, food intolerances or other specific needs in the registration act in the registration form.

 - Respect the timetable set by Quimera Experience for the beginning of each activity, so as not to harm the other participants.

 - Follow the guide's recommendations and scrupulously fulfill his safety instructions.

 - Respect the rules of conduct described below and ensure the conservation of nature.



5. Rules of conduct


 - When crossing settlements respect the customs and traditions of the locals.

 - Be especially careful when crossing cultivated areas and respect private property.

 - Avoid shouting and talking very loudly.

 - Do not walk outside of the paths indicated by the guide of Quimera Experience.

 - Do not collect plants or rocks and do not disturb the animals.

 - Do not leave trash in the way, carry it with you and leave it in a place of garbage collection, preferably in a recycling center.

 - If you smoke, observe the guide indications about where you can not smoke, and collect the tips of cigarettes in the trash bag.

 - Have a correct behavior towards other participants.


6. Level of difficulty of the activities


The client is responsible for choosing an appropriate activity to his physical preparation and should understand that, despite all the security procedures, no activity is without risk.
Each activity is rated on a scale from 1 to 5 degrees of difficulty, based on some factors such as length, terrain type and slope.


1. Very easy - activities that require very little physical effort. Participants don't need to have a great physical preparation.


2. Easy - simple and short activities. Flat land. Participants should have a moderate fitness.


3. Medium - activities that require some physical preparation. Participants should have some experience in trekking.


4. Hard - long-term activities, which require a good physical shape, suitable for people who regularly play sport outdoors. Land with steep slopes.


5. Very hard - activities that require much physical effort, suitable for people with excellent fitness and spirit of adventure.



7. Use of photos and images


All photographs taken during the activities of Quimera Experience can be used by the company in romotional material such as brochures, posters and Internet.


8. Website


All content on this website, text, images, photos or logos are produced by Quimera Experience. It is forbidden the copying, reproduction and publishing of these contents without the permission of Quimera Experience.



9. Complaints


If you have any complaints or suggestions to communicate, you may do so by writing to the following address:


Michael Coelho Guerreiro

Rua da Liberdade, 28

Bela Vista

8400-996 Parchal


Quimera Experience has complaints book.