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Walk in Troviscais


Come walk with us in the Alentejo region, in Troviscais - Odemira, and near the banks of the Mira River.


Points of interest:

- Rio Mira

- Portuguese oaks

- Oyster Nursery

- Bird Watching

- Fauna and Flora

- Serra de Sao Luis


Meeting point: 9:30 am - Troviscais (1st coffee)

Distance: 11.5 km

Degree of difficulty: medium

Route Type: Circular

Duration: 4h

Price: 12,50 € / person

Price with transfer from Parchal / Portimão: 20,00 €

Children under 12: free

Minimum: 5 people


Bring appropriate clothing for the season, shoes / hiking boots, windbreaker, water and lunch. At the end there will be a group lunch in a restaurant in Odemira (optional)

Note: The end time is purely indicative as the duration of the activity depends on several factors.


Walk Salir - Querença - Chorizo Feast


Feel invited to take part in this walk between two historical locations of our Algarve Barrocal, Salir and Querença. At the end we will taste some local gastronomy at the famous famous chorizo Feast.


Points of interest:

Salir, Church, Mediterranean flora and fauna, Querença, Chapel Pé da Cruz, Watersprings, Querença Church, Gastronomy


Meeting point: Querença - Main Church at 8:30 am 

Start of the walk: Salir

Linear path (Return to starting point will be ensured with car sharing)

Distance: 12 km

Degree of difficulty: medium

Duration: 4 / 5h Minimum: 5 pax

Price: 10 € includes guide and insurance

Additional price of 5 € with transfer from Parchal / Silves

Bring appropriate clothing for the season, shoes / hiking boots, windbreaker, water and lunch.

At the end of the walk we have the possibility to spend some time in Querença to taste the local flavors

Note: The end time is purely indicative as the duration of the activity depends on several factors.

From 22.02.2020 to 25.02.2020 - FULL

Entrudo Chocalheiro - The most authentic portuguese Carnival

Information on the prices and conditions by request

Come with Quimera to participate in the most genuine Carnival of Portugal, a pagan tradition ritual that celebrates the passage of time and the renewal of the seasons. In the village of Podence the Caretos will go out to the streets in traditional costumes, devilish masks, rattles and ash or chestnut wood sticks looking for single girls to "rattle".




February 22

10h - Departure from Algarve by bus (Portimão and Albufeira)

13h30 - Stop in Lisbon - Oriente Station

18:00 - Arrival at Mirandela

Overnight in Mirandela


February 23

09:30 - Travel to Podence

10h - Walking route - Careto Trail and Albufeira do Azibo (ap. 12 km)

15h - Return to Podence where there will be a lot of street entertainment with the Podence Caretos group

Free time

20h - Return to Mirandela

Overnight in Mirandela


February, 24

09:30 - Departure to the village of Frechas

10h - Walking route - Tua Trail - 13.3 km

16h - Arrival at Mirandela.

Free time

20h - Dinner

Overnight in Mirandela


February 25th

09:30 - Departure from Mirandela

Stop in Lisbon

Stop in Albufeira

17:30 - Arrival at Portimão

From 01-05-2020 to 03-05-2020

Serra da Estrela Lagoons

Information on the prices and conditions by request

Invitation for next spring: come to discover Serra da Estrela. We will visit its lagoons, including the peculiar Conchos Lagoon. Do not miss this opportunity, bring your camera and join this adventure!



May 1st 07:00 - Departure from Portimão

07:30 - Departure from Portimão / Albufeira

11:00 - Stop in Lisbon - East

15:30 - Arrival at Covão D'Ametade (lunch on the way).

Walk to Penhas da Saúde.

Distance: 5 km

Points of interest: Covão D'Ametade, Nave da Mestra, Cântaros, Viriato Lagoon and Penhas da Saúde.

Check-in at Penhas da Saúde Youth Hostel

Dinner and overnight


May 2nd:

09:30 - Departure by bus to Torre

"Lagoas da Torre" Round Walk - 7 km

Return to the Youth Hostel

Leisure time.



May 3rd:

09:30 - Departure by bus to Lagoa Comprida

Walk to Lagoa dos Conchos and return (ap. 8km)

17:30 - Arrival in Lisbon (estimated time)

21:00 - Arrival to the Algarve

From 10-06-2020 to 14-06-2020

Trekking in Anadaluzia, Gibraltar and Morocco

Information on the prices and conditions by request

Take this adventure with us, come on a journey across 3 territories (Spain, the UK and Morocco) and 2 continents (Europe and Africa). We are going in a small group (15 people), so don't delay your registration.

The group will always be accompanied by guide from Quimera and in Morocco also by a local guide.

Guide: Michael Guerreiro

See below the program:


June 10th

10 am - Departure from Portimão - boarding of passengers

Stop in Albufeira - Boarding of passengers

Stop in Faro - boarding of passengers

Stop in Seville for lunch (free time)

Arrival in Algeciras and check in at 3 star hotel in Algeciras


June 11th

Hiking in Gibraltar at Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Points of interest: Tip of Europe (Africa view), Saint Michael's Cave, Monkey Village, Great Siege Tunnels, Moorish castle, Mediterranean Steps


June 12th

Travel by ferry to Ceuta

Travel by bus to Tetouan

Visit to Tetouan: Medina, Jewish Quarter, Artisan Quarter, exterior Royal Palace

Lunch in typical Moroccan restaurant

Travel to Tanger

Visit to Tanger: modern city and old city

Check-in at 3 star hotel in Tangier

Dinner and accommodation at the hotel (3*)


June 13th


Free morning in Tanger

Travel to Ceuta and ferry to Algeciras


Day 14:

Route "Rio de la Miel" in Algeciras - ap. 5km

Return to the Algarve

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