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Loop Walk in Benafim - Loulé


Come with us to discover another beautiful locality in the Algarve barrocal. the village of Benafim, in the municipality of Loulé.


Points of interest: Benafim Church, Algarve chimneys, Watersprings, Freixo Stream, Walled Paths. Mediterranean flora and fauna, Picnic, Visit to Quinta do Freixo + taste of organic jams


Meeting point: Benafim picnic park

Distance: 6.5 km Duration: 2 / 3h

Degree of difficulty: Medium

Circular route P

rice: 12.5 € per person

Includes: guide, insurance and visit + jam tasting Quinta do Freixo

Additional transfer fee: Parchal / Silves 5 € per person.


Walking along Guadiana River

15,00 €

Come discover another corner of the Algarve in our company. The Guadiana River is felt along this route with its infinity and peculiar beauty of its civilizational past. 

Come and enjoy this walk of odd beauty.


Points of interest: 

Roman Village ruins

Typical rural architecture (schist constructions)

River Museum

Barranco das Laranjeiras



Community ovens and tank

Flora and fauna


Meeting Point: Laranjeiras Village at 09h30

Circular path | Distance: 9.5 km | Medium

Price: 15 €

Includes: insurance, guide and museum entrance

Price: 25 €

Includes: Parchal / Vale Paraiso transfer, insurance, guide and museum entrance (limited to 8 places)



Walking in Serra do Malhão

10,00 €

Come and discover another corner of our Algarve inland.  


Points of interest:


Arade Stream

Budhist temple

Local fauna and flora  


Meeting point: Rua Pé de Coelho (Serra do Malhão)

Start: 09h30

Circular path | Degree of difficulty: Something difficult | Distance: 9.5 km | Duration: 4/5

Price: 10 €

Includes: guide and insurance

Additional price of 5 € with transfer: Parchal / Silves

Maximum: 15 participants


Ackorn Picking


On November 10 bring your family to Monchique to spend a different Sunday, in the morning we will pick acorns and other seeds. Then later we can return planting native trees.


In the end we invite you participate in a lunch in one of the local restaurants full of traditional flavors.


Meeting point: 10am at Nossa Terra Association Headquarters



Note: Bring old clothes, hat and sunscreen and water.


Quimera's Fourth Birthday

Free / donation to RIAS

Come celebrate our fourth birthday with a stroll in Marim, Olhão. 

We will also visit RIAS association which this year celebrated its 10th anniversary.

We will ask you a symbolic value of 10 € to donate to this association that has done so much to recover injured animals.

Registration is required for this event. I

In the end we will have lunch together at a local restaurant.


Monchique - Caldas de Monchique


Feel invited to participate in this walk in the heart of the Monchique mountains. The route starts in Monchique and ends in Caldas de Monchique.  


Points of interest:

Pé da Cruz Chapel

Covão da Águia

Caldas Stream 

Monchique Water Bottling

Caldas de Monchique Thermal Springs

St. Teresa Chapel  


Meeting Point: Caldas de Monchique - Santa Teresa Chapel

Start: 09h30

Linear Route (Return will be assured with car sharing) | Distance: 8.5 km  | Degree of difficulty: Something difficult Duration: 3 / 4h | Max: 15 people

Price: 10 €

Includes: guide and insurance

Additional value of 5 € Transfer from Parchal / Portimão


Walk in Querença Village


Come with us to know this beautiful village of Querença that is between the barrocal and the beginning of the Caldeirão mountain range.


Points of interest:

Village of Querença


Ti Casinha Mill 

Porto Pinheiro Dam

Corte Garcia

Water museum

Flora, fauna and geology


Meeting Point: Querença Tourist Office

Start: 10h00

Circular path | Distance: 9 km | Degree of difficulty: medium | Duration: 5 h

Price: 10 €

Includes: guide and insurance

Additional 5 € transfer from Parchal / Silves

15 participants maximum

From 22.02.2020 to 25.02.2020

"Entrudo Chocalheiro" - the Most Authentic Portuguese Carnival

on demand

Come with Quimera to participate in the most genuine Carnival of Portugal, a pagan tradition ritual that celebrates the passage of time and the renewal of the seasons. In the village of Podence the Caretos will go out to the streets in traditional costumes, devilish masks, rattles and ash or chestnut wood sticks looking for single girls to "rattle".




February 22

10h - Departure from Algarve by bus (Portimão and Albufeira)

13h30 - Stop in Lisbon - Oriente Station

18:00 - Arrival at Mirandela

Overnight in Mirandela


February 23

09:30 - Travel to Podence

10h - Walking route - Careto Trail and Albufeira do Azibo (ap. 12 km)

15h - Return to Podence where there will be a lot of street entertainment with the Podence Caretos group

Free time

20h - Return to Mirandela

Overnight in Mirandela


February, 24

09:30 - Departure to the village of Frechas

10h - Walking route - Tua Trail - 13.3 km

16h - Arrival at Mirandela.

Free time

20h - Dinner

Overnight in Mirandela


February 25th

09:30 - Departure from Mirandela

Stop in Lisbon

Stop in Albufeira

17:30 - Arrival at Portimão

From 01-05-2020 to 03-05-2020

Serra da Estrela Lagoons

on demand

Invitation for next spring: come to discover Serra da Estrela. We will visit its lagoons, including the peculiar Conchos Lagoon. Do not miss this opportunity, bring your camera and join this adventure!



May 1st 07:00 - Departure from Portimão

07:30 - Departure from Portimão / Albufeira

11:00 - Stop in Lisbon - East

15:30 - Arrival at Covão D'Ametade (lunch on the way).

Walk to Penhas da Saúde.

Distance: 5 km

Points of interest: Covão D'Ametade, Nave da Mestra, Cântaros, Viriato Lagoon and Penhas da Saúde.

Check-in at Penhas da Saúde Youth Hostel

Dinner and overnight


May 2nd:

09:30 - Departure by bus to Torre

"Lagoas da Torre" Round Walk - 7 km

Return to the Youth Hostel

Leisure time.



May 3rd:

09:30 - Departure by bus to Lagoa Comprida

Walk to Lagoa dos Conchos and return (ap. 8km)

17:30 - Arrival in Lisbon (estimated time)

21:00 - Arrival to the Algarve

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